Great landscaping looks amazing when it’s first completed but cannot be ignored if you want it to remain attractive. It takes a lot of landscape maintenance for lasting beauty. At Meng’s Landscaping, we can create a custom plan that will fit your needs and budget. We take care of all aspects including mulch, turf, plant, and tree care.

Curb appeal is essential to get the most out of your property if it’s time to sell. If you don’t have plans to move, maintaining a healthy landscape has many other benefits as well.

  • Trees bushes, hedges, shrubs, and flowers reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.
  • In the heat of summer, your plant life can absorb heat from the sun, reducing your utility bills and conserving energy. An area covered by turf versus soil can be up to fourteen degrees cooler.
  • A landscaped garden can cut back on noise pollution by blocking surrounding noises.

Mulch Beds

When properly maintained, mulch beds offer many benefits other than just a nice look. Mulching helps control soil erosion, regulates temperature and helps retain moisture, creating the ideal environment for your plantings. There is a lot of hard work that comes along with all that landscape maintenance so let Meng’s Landscaping keep your beds looking spectacular in early spring, mid-summer, and late fall.

Meng’s Landscaping also cleans up beds, removes and disposes of weeds and debris, rakes out mulch and re-mulches beds with quality shredded hardwood mulch. This service will maintain established beds on an annual basis.

Maintenance Tailored to Your Style

Every property and property owner has different wants and needs. Some simply want the peace of mind that their property is being maintained to the highest standards. Others may enjoy doing some of the work themselves or consider their maintenance needs as a function of necessity where cost plays a greater role.

If you’re someone who wants to do a portion of the landscape maintenance around your home, just let us know. We will customize a plan that works best for you, making sure your turf is healthy while being mindful of the earth’s natural resources. Set up a landscape maintenance plan with us today and watch the neighborhood’s jealousy grow right alongside the beauty of your yard!